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Tuition Home Work Instructions for Students 

Use writing pad papers (A4 size) for your tuition home work.

Write in dark blue or black pen.

Use pencil for any diagrams or graphs.

Write your name on the right top of the paper.

Write the Exercise No. or Practice No., page No. and the abbreviation of the book title at the centre top of the paper.

Start a new Exercise or Practice on a new sheet of paper.

All workings must be neatly and clearly shown.

Do not divide a paper into two or more columns for writing your workings or answers.

If you cannot do a certain question, write the question No., write a big question mark in pencil and leave 3 blank lines before you attempt the next question.

If you cannot finish a question, write a big question mark in pencil at where you stop and leave at least 5 blank lines before you attempt the next question.

Arrange all the papers of an Exercise or Practice in proper order and staple at the left top before you pass up.

Allocate time to do your tuition home work as soon as you return home. 

Pass up your tuition home work on time. 

File all the marked tuition home works properly for revision in future.

Please feel free to ask the tutor if you have any question on your tuition home work.

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