A1 Mathematics Tuition

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How we help our students do well in Mathematics

10 Reasons Why We Are Your Best Choice


What we do for our students


Customize the teaching methods to suit individual students in order for them to improve and excel in mathematics.


Have a closely monitored learning system for each student.


Make sure the students understand mathematical vocabulary, concepts, theorems, rules and formulas by step-by-step explanations, know how they are arrived at, and know how to apply them.  


Teach them the logical connections between different concepts and topics in order to solve cross-topic problems.


Teach them with carefully selected examples, questions, appropriate instructional materials and our in-house developed teaching materials.


Teach them study skills, problem solving skills, exam skills, time-saving problem solving methods, troubleshooting tips and shortcuts.  


Make sure they have sufficient practice on carefully selected questions and past exam questions to prepare for tests and examinations.


Mark their finished and unfinished practice questions properly and give them feedback so that they can improve.

9 The number of students in each group Tuition is maximum four only.


All the students are taught by our experienced and dedicated fulltime graduate Mathematics tutor with more than 12 years of experience.

Why study Elementary Mathematics? Why study Additional Mathematics?

Website: www.maths.com.sg - Tel: 6 2420206 - Republic of Singapore 


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