A1 Mathematics Tuition

Website: www.maths.com.sg - Tel: 6 242 0206 - Republic of Singapore  

Tuition Home Work Instructions for Students 

Instructions for New Students 

Please bring the following for every Tuition lesson:

Stationery including pens, pencils, pencil erasers and rulers, etc.

A Writing pad (A4 size) for practice during the tuition.

A mathematical instrument set.

A note book (of the size of school exercise book) for note taking.

Your Additional Maths or Elementary Maths or N Level Maths textbook.

A calculator.

Graph papers when required.

French curve (adjustable curve) when required.

The Add. Maths or E. Maths or N Level Maths ten-year-series assessment book used by your school.

Tuition Home Work Instructions to Students 

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